HOME’s Women Shelter

The APB Foundation believes in reaching out to the marginalised so that they may rise above their challenges, improve their quality of life and in turn, contribute to society eventually. As such, the APB Foundation supports the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) on its women shelter that offers a place of refuge and social support for all vulnerable domestic workers.

HOME is dedicated to empowering and supporting migrant workers who experience abuse and exploitation. Many of the shelter residents have gone through such experiences, and a number are in the process of seeking legal recourse or resolving disputes with their employers.

With space for around 50 workers at any one time, the shelter residents may stay for periods of a few days to over a year, depending on the speed in which their cases are processed. In many instances, HOME’s shelter is their only place of sanctuary at a time when many have no way to support themselves, nor anywhere to stay in Singapore during their period of crisis. HOME seeks to restore their dignity through holistic programmes and provide a variety of activities and services, from English classes to art therapy and counselling sessions.